Managed Cloud Services


Cloud computing is internet based computing where shared resources, software, information are provided on demand basis. The users no longer need the expertise to manage technology infrastructure “in the cloud” that support their operations. Users can access application through web browsers, while the software and data are stored on servers. We are cloud services providers, our goal is to deliver high quality of services(QoS) based on requirements of customers and meet SLA.

Cloud services users do not own the physical infrastructure, therefore avoiding Capital Expenditure by renting the equipment usage from third party providers.  You can focus on your core business and leave the IT operations to us. Through the economic scalability, we can pass the significant saving back to you.

One of the deployment model of cloud computing is Hybrid Cloud. Hybrid Cloud environment consists of internal and external providers. This model allows mix infrastructure between Cloud Services for external web servers and Managed Services for database servers within your internal company. So you can still have control over critical pieces, and leave the rest for us to manage as cloud services.

DeltaCom offers Managed Cloud Services to simplify your IT operation, reduce the operating cost, speed up the deployment process. You can transfer day-to-day IT management to us for improved effective and efficient operations.

1.   Infrastructure Services


DeltaCom provide Infrastructure Services to meet the demand for reliable IT operations, keep up with the latest technologies, and protect against security threat. We provide end-to-end customized solutions based on your needs and requirements.

DeltaCom offer self-service, self-plus-service and full-service for infrastructure and application, depending on your needs and requirements. DeltaCom self-service provide you with the infrastructure, tools to implement the applications within your organization. With the DeltaCom self-plus-service is essentially the same as self-service, you get to choose only those additional services that you require. We tailor the solutions to meet your needs and budget.  DeltaCom full-service manage the overall infrastructure, tools for you, and allow you focus on your marketing campaign and application that generate revenue most.

DeltaCom uses Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes to support, deliver dynamic and content rich media marketing campaign on desktop, mobile, kiosks platforms. We apply specific processes and procedures within the ITIL framework to support the most challenging IT operations. Once we receive request help for particular incident, we raise change request details, then we analyze the root cause of problem, and finally we implement the software fixes, and/or release the software versioning, updates, patches accordingly.




Managed Web Applications



The complex interaction between the web, middleware and your database applications can create potential performance bottleneck to your application.


DeltaCom provide system integration and consulting services for:

Application and data workflow: Identify the workflow and dependencies between application and data sources to troubleshoot the errors quickly

Middleware installation and management: Support JBOSS, Weblogic, Websphere, Tomcat for particular instance or Java Virtual Machine configuration

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Integration: Consolidate hardware and software from different vendors, reduce the Capital Expenditure and Operational Expenses

Monitoring Application Server Performance: Analyze, report your application server performance running on windows and unix operating system, Oracle and SQL Databases, Apache and IIS web servers

Application Server security: Identify potential threat and vulnerability for your application and data, mitigate the security risks, response accordingly.


DeltaCom provide system integration between infrastructure and application to support your IT operation. We can help you tune your Middleware configuration, analyze the error result, recommend the best practise to enhance your application. We offer the following services:

·         Install of Middleware (JBOSS, Weblogic, Websphere)

·         Deploy Enterprise Archive (EAR) files

·         Implement changes to Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and provide restart

·         Configure Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)

·         Analyze log files for errors, provide feedback to developers

·         Diagnose, Configure deployment Manager


Middleware Solutions

            Application Server Optimization

Application Firewall

            Monitoring Application Server Performance


Monitoring Operational Service


Monitoring End Users


Online Marketing Campaign





DeltaCom can help you build your E-Business system to connect your business to customers through online marketing campaign. We offer E-Business infrastructure for you without spending huge Capital Expenditure up front, minimizing the risk, while stay ahead of technology curve. We can provide you with technical expertise, starting from conceptualization, design thru implementation.




DeltaCom can provide you with the standard platform:

4GB Memory, 3.6Ghz 2xCPU, 2x73GB SCSI Harddrive, 32-bit and 64-bit platform

RedHat Enterprise Linux, Windows 2003/2008, OpenSolaris

MySQL Enterprise, Apache, IIS, MS SQL Standard2005

JBOSS Enterprise Application Platform

JAVA Application Server

Windows Media Server


We provide platform for software developers with tools to build applications as required at the fraction of cost of buying the whole software and setting-up the hardware equipments.


DeltaDedicatedServer offers dedicated servers, software, network equipments colocated in Equinix Data Center in Singapore at affordable price.



RedHat Virtualization


DeltaHardwareSupport offer the following:

  • Replacement of any failed hardware components on the servers within the agreed SLA
  • Coordinate resources to resolve issues
  • Exlude: Non-hardware related issues such as OS, database, application issues

Response time: 1 day

Resolution time: 2 day

Support hours: 8x5 business hours (telephonic, email, remote VPN if avail, onsite)


DeltaIncidentManagement offer the following technical support services:

  • Resolution of OS related incidents (system crash, system slow performance, file system issues, system errors in log files, any failures)
  • OS bug fixing: Install patches or bug fixes for a specific issues

Our time sensitive package consists of 10 days block per month can be bought anytime when required. Unused part of block cannot be carried forward to the next month.

Response time: 1 day

Resolution time: 2 day

Support hours: 8x5 business hours (telephonic, email, remote VPN if avail, onsite)


DeltaDailyOperationsServices(BAU) offer the Business-As-Usual operational support:

  • First level troubleshooting
  • Patch management
  • Housekeeping servers and systems
  • Daily routine health checks
  • Preventive and proactive maintenance
  • User ID management
  • File system management
  • Backup management
  • Capacity Management
  • Escalation of issues (Hardware or OS support)

Half-a-day onsite services 3 times a week

Response time: 1 day

Resolution time: 2 day

Support hours: business hours


2.   Software Services

DeltaCom can deliver your business critical application via web browser to the clients desktop with easy of use. You don’t need to worry about maintenance of Hardware, applications.


DeltaAppServices is our virtualized application services to deliver applications remotely to your desktop, while the server is in Data Center. We maintain the server, both hardware and software, applications.


DeltaDesktopVirtualization is


We offer you the dedicated server on our data center, install the accounting application required, setup the presentation server to display your accounting application to your desktop via internet web browser remotely.  The users can access the accounting application from anywhere as long as he/she connected to the internet.  As a result, We can deliver SaaS, IaaS to anyone, anywhere, any applications.




3.   Storage Services


DeltaCom provide Storage and Backup as Services using DeltaStor and DeltaBackup products located in Equinix Singapore Data Center and we manage the storage equipments as services for you. You can focus on your business, and leaves the worry such as downtime, software and hardware failures, equipment maintenance to us.


We can provide flexible storage solutions at the competitive pricing based on your requirements.



4.   Security Services

DeltaCom provides AntiVirus, AntiSpam, Content Management.