Consulting Services


DeltaCom consulting services offers consultative advice to help you manage your information effectively. We listen to your requirements, consider some of the best practice on the industry, what are the latest technology options available, be able to offer IT solutions according to your needs.

Our areas of expertise include:

1.      Data Center Operations: Standardize, consolidate your servers, network equipments, storage connectivity. We can advise you on Standard Operating Environment (SOE) to deploy standardize windows/unix for all desktop, server, network equipments within your organizations. We install the SCCM servers to deliver software patches to end-users with easy, convenience. We consolidate equipments located in different data centers to reduce costs, simplify the operations

2.      Security: Identify threat and vulnerability and response accordingly. We advise you on setup Cisco Firewall, IPS/IDS, configure the firewall administrations, install the latest patches on your servers to minimize the risks the potential threats, alert some of the vulnerability of software and hardware equipments. We also provide Content Management System, we advise you on anti-virus, anti-spam as well as anti-spyware. We ensure security encryption for remote VPN connections, through Network Address Translation (NAT) or proxy server.    

3.      Storage: Provide best practice Backup and recovery solutions with the latest EDL EMC Disk Library as Virtual Tape Library (VTL) and IBM 3550 Physical Tape Library, running Netbackup Enterprise software and/or de-duplication technology. We set backup policy, retention period depending on how many revisions of data you need to restore back in case disaster happen. We advise EMC DMX/Clarrion SAN Storage, NetApp FAS2020 file server, as well as our unique Unified Enterprise Storage software on how to design your tiered storage solutions to meet Information Lifecycle Management, replicate the data through SRDF to remote data center locations for Business Continuity purpose. The server virtualization allow us to quickly deploy multiple OS running concurrently on single physical server, whereas application virtualization allow us to display application resides on the server datacenter to your desktop, laptop anywhere, anytime. We also have application specific storage solutions to cater your needs.

4.      Infrastructure Operations: Monitor, Configure, Patch the servers to meet the SLA required. We monitor your servers, Memory, CPU utilizations, network performance, and alert the administrator for immediate response or wait until regular preventive maintenance. We use HP Open View or other Software Monitoring tools available to smoothen the operations, and achieve the SLA required.

5.      Business Continuity: Implement High Availability with no single point of failure and mitigate the impact for downtime.

DeltaCom practice four engagement models: Assess, Design, Execute, Operate based on Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) project management principle.  Feel free to request assessment for free of charge, with no obligations whatsoever. We strive to achieve customer satisfactions.



1.   Backup Data Protection Services


DeltaCom offer Network Backup services to meet your requirement for data protection and availability.  We provide backup recovery solution that is fast, simple in management, have enterprise features and functionality, and yet affordable.

We backup and recover Linux, Solaris, Windows, VMWare and Mac computers, as well as database and applications, using web-based management console.  Data subsequently can be stored on tape, disk, SAN/NAS storage.

We protect the following


Windows 2000/2003/2008/XP/Vista/7

Solaris 8,9,10

Linux RHEL3,RHEL4,RHEL5, CentOS3,4,5, Fedora6,7,8,9,10,11,12

Oracle Enterprise Linux3,4,5 Suse Linux Enterprise Server 9,10,11

OpenSuse10.x, Debian3.1, 4.0, 5.0 Ubuntu

Debian Etch, Sarge, Lenny


FreeBSD4.x, 5.x

Database and application:

Oracle 10g and 11g on Linux, Solaris

MS SQL Server Database 2000/2005/2008

MS Office Sharepoint server 2007/2010

MS Exchange 2003/2007/2010



Our Enterprise backup software have smart backup scheduler that can quick and simplify the operations. You can automate the backup policy schedule based on suitable “backup-window” during non-peak hours, or when off-line. This will greatly reduce the CPU, network traffic load.

We comply with various industry standards and strict government regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley for data security, retention requirements. Depending on your requirement, we can configure your backup policy and retain your data weekly, monthly, 1 year, 3 year, 5 year, even 10 year.

Our network backup uses open source and open standard, therefore unlock you to any proprietary data format. Our backup software uses GNU tar format to backup Linux/Unix, zip/gzip to backup and compress windows environment. Recovering the data from storage media can be done using instruction in the header. It’s simple, affordable, and convenience.

Our web-based management console enable us to centrally manage the backup and monitor the progress, notify when there are backup job failures, need to re-run.

We use strict Access Control List (ACL). Encryption on the client side ensures security of data in transit and encryption on the backup server ensures security of data at storage side. Our backup software support up to 4096 bit keys with public key cryptography as well as 256 bit AES encryption.  We ensure that backup data, end-to-end communications are all secured. You can choose whether you want to encrypt the data on the client or on the backup server side.


Disaster Recovery

We also offer Disaster Recovery solution for your critical data assets. Our Disaster Recovery service will first backup your File server, database server, and email server. It will then replicate to disaster recovery location. We replicate your backup catalog, configuration, and backup images for your File Server, Database server, Email server.

Our Disaster Recovery solution provides full failover and restoration capabilities. We offer standby server to manage recovery process of your data. You can remotely access to our engineer, conduct Disaster Recovery rehearsal & training, perform knowledge transfer from/to our engineer, develop disaster recovery strategy and planning and eventually achieve Business Continuity.  You can have peace of mind, you can continue running your business.



Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP)

NDMP enables high performance backup and recovery for Network Attached Storage(NAS) devices. NDMP allow backup data to be transported directly from NAS device into tape device (e.g Virtual Tape Library) without passing through backup Master server. Backup for petabyte size of data with NDMP option will reduce the backup window, speeds up the backup time, reducing network congestion.

Our backup solutions can easily eliminate your worries about losing critical data at critical junctures. We use both simple and advanced data backup techniques (differential and incremental techniques) depending on the amount of data used in a project.

Our solutions are real, quick, and comprehensive depending on your needs. The various simple backup options include:

  • One-click backup system that allows you to take a full system backup at the click of a mouse.
  • Files-in-use backup system that allows you to take frequent backups of the project data even when you are working on the project.
  • Complete system backup that allows you to take a full system backup if the system is infected after a virus attack.

Other than the above solutions, we also offer the following advanced data backup solutions:

§         Backup data compression that allows you to pack more data in the same location.

§         Backup file filtering that allows you to filter specific types of data while taking a backup.

§         Backup password protection and encryption that allows you to not only password protect the data, but also encrypt the password.

Business Continuity Plan

The central idea behind our business continuity plan is to ensure that your business runs without any kind of interruption. Continuity is central to business growth and an interruption may have adverse consequences. Our business continuity plans allow you to focus on your business without worrying about the roadblocks. At the same time, we focus on eliminating the roadblocks that might impede your business growth.

Broadly speaking, we perform the following functions:

§         Identify potential risks to your business (for example: loss of data, data theft, and server crashes, to mention a few)

§         Build resilience and immunity to the identified risks to your business

§         Build capacity to respond quickly when a business actually faces a risk



Remote Online Backup

Our remote online backup capabilities enable you to protect one of the valuable resources of your business—your data. We really add value to your data management system by offering you a comprehensive data protection solution. This solution enables you to stop worrying about threats to data constantly and focus on your business instead.

Our data protection solutions and online backup solutions enable you to:

§         Recover the most recent data after a disaster happens

§         Backup your data in a robust medium that is immune to all kinds of threats

§         Provide encryption to the backup data to provide immunity from all kinds of threats like data theft

§         Restore the operating system, drivers, applications and system states quickly and easily



2.   Hardware and Software


DeltaCom is in partnership with premier hardware and software manufacturers like Microsoft, Cisco, Symantec, Computer Associates, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM. Additionally, we support other brands through our distribution partners in Singapore. We can deliver the right products quickly and at the right price.


DeltaCom provides the following services:



§         IBM x3550 M3, Compaq DL380, DELL Poweredge servers

§         Cisco routers, switches

§         NetApp NAS, EMC DMX/Clariion SAN Storage

§         EMC EDL Virtual Tape Library

§         IBM 3550 Tape Library, StorageTek Tape Library

§         McAfee Sidewinder Firewall



§         Windows Server 2003/2008

§         MS Office

§         Sharepoint

§         MS Exchange

§         RedHat Enterprise Linux

§         Sun Solaris

§         SCO UNIX

§         Symantec Netbackup

§         CA BrighStor Arcserver Backup

§         Symantec/McAfee Antivirus

§         AntiSpam

§         Content Management




Office Relocation

Office relocation can be a big challenge because your IT resources can really wreck havoc on you when you have actually relocated. Imagine that you are in the middle of a critical project after moving and the mail server reuses to function properly. You are unable to communicate both internally and externally, and the situation can really trigger panic.


We know that any interruption in services may mean a loss of critical business hours, and that is why we have an array of services that ensure your IT resources immediately become operational after relocation.


Typically, we can do the following for you:

§         E-mail server management

§         Server management

§         Data backup during relocation

§         Phone and internet connectivity



VOIP Telephone Systems

VoIP Telephone Systems are a critical communication medium between you and your clients. We specialize in providing you world class VoIP Telephone Systems at reasonable costs. We enable you to reduce infrastructure and communication costs by:

  • Routing phone calls over current data networks and save costs of having separate data and voice networks.
  • Providing IVR, conference calling, automatic redial, call forwarding, and caller ID features at no extra cost.


System Integration Services


DeltaIntegrateServices is our system integration services to bring together various brand of products, hardware and software, best practise, ensure interoperability between various vendors, technologies to work together as computer system. We advise you pros and cons of using particular technologies, select the best solutions to meet your requirements at the most affordable price. We simplify the proof-of-concept process, and enable you to make quick decisions based on your budget and the technology that you’re willing to acquire.


We offers the following system integration services:


§         Installation of hardware and software

§         Administration and configuration of servers, desktops, and laptops

§         Configuration of Cisco networking

§         Firewall and VPN services


We can bring together various components of subsystems into one system, and ensure that these subsystems function together as a system. The system integration process involves linking together different computing systems and software applications, both physically and functionally. We ensure the interoperability between various brands, different vendors, and different technologies.


As the system integrator, we strive to match your needs with existing products and also provide solutions to your IT problems. In addition, we can perform diagnostics and troubleshooting work when necessary.


Our consulting services are aimed to form comprehensive solutions to your business problems rather than merely provide some tools. We try to understand your business and its challenges, after which we give workarounds to these challenges.


Standard Operating Environment


DeltaCom offer standard implementation of operating system and it’s associated software that can be mass deployed in order to reduce the cost and time to deploy, configure, maintain support, and manage large number of computers. By standardizing hardware and software within organization, IT service provider like us can deploy computer, desktop, laptop and correct the necessary problem quickly. A standardize, automated solution makes it easy for us to support the environment and we know the expected outcome.


We create standard operating environment deployment images using System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM server) to deliver the standard software images to your laptop, desktop quickly, readily available through the internet connection. You can simply re-run the advanced client from your laptop, desktop connected to corporate network to pull-off any software image needed from our SCCM server anytime, anywhere. We can push-off the software automatically as well. We will maintain the compatible software version, software patches on our SCCM server. SCCM server manage large number of windows based computer system and provides remote control, patch management, software distribution, operating system deployment, network access protection, hardware and software inventory.


3.   Storage


DeltaCom offer Network Attached Storage(NAS) solutions according to your requirements. We understand your needs, and we can advise you various Network Attached Storage (NAS) brands available on the market, starting from Enterprise products to small-to-medium business products. DeltaStor is our own brand of Network Attached Storage(NAS).


DeltaStor is Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliance product that combine the Enterprise class Unified Storage Management software running on IBM standard server x3550, connected to Disk-Shelf, containing 14 drives such as SATA Drives 320GB 7200 rpm, depending on the customer requirements.


Network Attached Storage (NAS) has features called Multipathing Options (FCP and iSCSI)  in order to achieve High Availability. Multipath connections to storage device will prevent outage, and achieve higher performance.


Multipathing is the ability to have multiple data paths from a server to storage array.

Eliminate Single point of failures is the way to achieve High Availability by when individual components does fail, the overall system continues to be available to users.

Link aggregation is the technique of taking several distinct Ethernet links and making them appear as a single link.

Multi-Connection sessions is part of iSCSI specifications where multiple paths within a single iSCSI session using separate TCP connections.  Both the iSCSI initiator(host) and iSCSI target (storage system) need to support multiconnection sessions. 

Multipath IO (MPIO) is to insert separate multipathing layer into storage stack. Each storage vendors supplies device specific module (DSM) or using Microsoft Windows DSM.

Load Balance policy is when multipath to a LUN available, a consistent method of utilizing those paths should be determined.


Network Attached Storage(NAS)  have Multiprotocol Data Access: NFS, CIFS, and HTTP.  NFS style file access are widely used in most UNIX system, whereas CIFS style(formerly known as Server Message Block- SMB) file access are used in Windows when communicating over the network.


We provide excellent storage solutions for your data. We understand that in your kind of business, data is of prime importance. The primary characteristics of our DeltaStor data storage solutions are:


§         Scalability:  The ability to scale its capacity with increasing requirements up to 12 TB

§         Data compression: The ability to compress data without compromising on data quality

§         Stability: The ability to retain the originality and sanctity of data under all circumstances

§         Snapshot Backup: provide point-in-time images to perform near instantaneous file level or full data set of recovery with minimal performance overhead.

§         Deduplication technology:   Enable you to store only one copy of each unique data object, substantially reducing capacity requirements.

§         RAID: Protect against multiple failures in a RAID group.

§         Any Protocol:  CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, FC, AoE

§         Data Management: ZFS file system, Snapshots, synchronous & asynchronous replications, native thin provisioning, standard based compressions, storage pooling & virtualization

§         Multi-vendors Interoperability

§         Write Anywhere File Layout (WAFL)


We offer Value-Added-Services to Network Attached Storage (NAS) products we carry. We gather the following requirements in order to propose you best solutions: Usable storage capacity, SATA or SAS HDD, Ethernet or FC connection, Single or Dual Controller


DeltaHyper-V is our virtualized server solutions that allow you to run multiple OS on the same physical servers.


DeltaApp is our virtualized application solutions that display the applications on your desktop. The application itself installed, resides on the server Data Center, and we be able to deliver the display the application anywhere, anytime.


DeltaBackup is Backup appliance for data protection product that combine the Enterprise class Backup management software running on IBM standard server x3550, connected to Disk-Shelf configured as disk-based Virtual Tape Library (VTL). We can configure Backup Management Software with the right backup policy, whether backup frequency is weekly, monthly, or what the retention period is.




4.   Networking


We provide a robust and a 100% reliable networking support to your business. The main features of our networking support are:

§         Scalability:  The ability to scale its capacity with increasing pressure (for example, more users, servers, and clients).

§         Stability: The ability to sustain high performance connectivity and communication between clients and servers at all times, thereby eliminating loss of business hours due to loss of communication.

§         Fast response: The ability to maintain mutually quick response time between the client and server, even at peak hours.


Networking is one of the most critical components that provide interconnections between various servers, storage devices, desktop and printer. The device drivers is the software components that talks directly to the hardware.


We can configure the Ethernet, token ring, FDDI on your LAN/WAN. We first identify the device drivers for the particular network cards, set the IP addresses, gateway, trace the routing from the end user to the destination server.


Data Communication



DeltaCollaboration  is Sharepoint server , Unified Communications, Office Live Communicators, IP PBX, Call Manager


DeltaSecure is to secure borderless network with products such as IPS/IDS, Cisco ASA5100


DeltaDatabase is MS SQL 2005 database


DeltaColo is our collocations services in Equinix Singapore Data Center.



5.   Security Services


We provide foolproof security services and thereby prevent unwarranted threats to your confidential data. The main features of our data security services are:


§         Antivirus solutions:  The ability to protect your data from the latest malicious software, malware and virus will also protect the same from unauthorized attempts like data theft and phishing.

§         High level encryption: The ability to encrypt the data which makes it impregnable for hackers to break through and steal data.


DeltaContentManagementServices is our AntiVirus, AntiSpam Content Management filtering services. J2EE, IIS, Apache, web content


DeltaVulnerabilityServices  offers vulnerability test tools for your Wintel/UNIX server OS, J2EE Weblogic application, networking switches and routers, Network Attached Storage, Backup Tape.


We can identify the vulnerability associated with denial of services, password login, root access, and prevent future cyber attack. Security of information is one of the most important aspect within your organizations. While the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) can detect hackers to access your system, the flaw sometimes can be found easily such as when employee already leaving the company, but his remote access VPN is still there. There are number of things to consider when we build the secure computer systems.


We use the best Vulnerability tools available, run the non-intrusive tools on your network environment to capture the traffic, provide the security vulnerability report. Based on the report, we work together with customers to provide step by step process to strengthen your security.


We can install patches for your OS to close the gap/hole, advise the workflow process within your organizations, modify the Access Control List(ACL), hardening of OS.


DeltaVPNservices offers VPN secure connection from your office to our data center, whether site-to-site or user-to-site secure connection. Our solution may use Cisco VPN client configured with IPsec, SSL.


DeltaSecureDesktop offers full disk encryption software of your laptop and desktop to protect the most critical information and prevent data breaches when your laptop is stolen. The entire disk content will be encrypted with the strong encryption algorithm, including the pre-boot authentication. Our software comply with highest security certifications.



6.   Email Services


We provide a comprehensive e-mail solution for your organization that will serve as a robust, yet simple medium for communication. Our e-mail solutions are reliable, fast, and stable, and have a host of features (for example, meeting invitations, conference room booking, and reminders, to name a few).


DeltaMailExchange is MS Exchange solution for your mail server


DeltaMail is our email filtering services



7.   System Monitoring


We provide a comprehensive system monitoring solution that will enable you to keep a tab over the various system resources of your organization. Our solutions will enable you to evaluate the current status of all system resources such as servers, clients, and so on.


The main feature of the system monitoring solution is resource tracking, which enables you to track the exact utilization of all system resources. For example, you will be able to track the exact load on the servers at a particular point of time in a day.


DeltaSystemWatch is System Monitoring appliance that monitor your servers, storage, cisco switches, networking, and other devices you may have, and be able to send SNMP alert to System Monitoring server to dispatch engineer or perform preventive maintenance.


DeltaHelpDeskServices is our maintenance services contract to you to provide IT Technical Support services according to Service Level Agreement (SLA) we agreed. We provide wide range of expertise, specialized in server, storage, networking, email and security. 


DeltaRepairServices offer hardware software repair for IBM/HP server, Cisco switches, etc. We provide free assessment to determine what the components are causing the failures, is it on the firmware, software, device drivers or the hardware parts. Subsequently, We decide whether we need to replace the FRU parts.


We repair just about any software and hardware, equipments. We can reformat your hard drive, install Windows OS with the latest service pack, install your applications, perform hardware diagnostics, configure the desktop group policy setting when necessary and perform all necessary checking for you.

DeltaSystemAdminServices offers system administration for Windows, Unix, Linux to achieve reliability, availability for the system according to SLA.