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DeltaCom offer consultative advice based on your needs, understand your requirements, propose best practice IT solution, while deliver significant cost savings back to you.


Our consulting services enable you to improve in area of backup, hardware & software, SAN/NAS storage, networking, email, IT security and system monitoring. We provide IT solutions considering cost and benefit, propose various options for you to implement the state of the art technology.


Our cloud services enable you to deploy infrastructure quickly and efficiently. We offer utility computing where we deliver software and hardware as services, we manage the operational for you based on the SLA agreed, let you focus on your business.


We can enhance your backup infrastructure to be more reliable, review your existing backup policy strategy, improve the operational, ensure your data is protected, you be able to restore back when needed. We offer network backup service that allows you to install client agent on your server, send the encrypted data across the network to our backup server, backup the data to the tape.


We offer network storage as services at the competitive price. We use enterprise class unified storage software solutions, combined with our SAN/NAS hardware plus firewall VPN at our equinix data center. We offer flexibility, reliability yet affordable. We can customize the storage according to your requirements, configure the SAN/NAS storage, manage the operational based on SLA agreed. We can even combine our storage with our backup data protection services.


We offer infrastructure as services for your convenience. We can configure wintel/unix server in our equinix data center, test the network connectivity, allocate the storage for your database, install your applications, display your application thru web-browser to your desktop anywhere, anytime. You can conveniently access your application remotely, while keeping your server and its application resides within our data center.


Our service provider license agreement with Microsoft enable hosting providers like us to license Microsoft products on a monthly basis to provide services and hosted applications to end customers. The benefits of this program are you have access to the most current version of Microsoft software, monthly usage-based with no upfront costs, and convenience. Combined with our hardware and software operation support expertise and available spare-parts, you can enjoy the peace of mind. Feel free to request up to 60 days free trials with no obligations whatsoever.